Adapt Your Vehicle with Mobility Products

A smiling man sits in a wheel chair in front of his mobility-adapted GMC Sierra.

Eligible Mobility Equipment

To qualify for GM Mobility Reimbursement, eligible aftermarket mobility equipment must be:

  • Permanently installed in the vehicle.
  • Installed for a driver or passenger with a permanent disability.
  • Purchased from and installed by a licensed equipment installer.

GM regular production equipment options and accessories are not eligible for reimbursement, except for OnStar®1 TTY equipment and safety belt extenders. This includes, but is not limited to, assist step/running boards and all aftermarket equivalents.

Mobility Equipment List

The list of eligible adaptive equipment under the GM Mobility Reimbursement Program follows:

  • Vehicle Entry

  • Assist Handle2
  • Assist Step/Running Board2,3 ($200 maximum)
  • Ramp
  • Transfer Platform
  • Wheelchair and/or Scooter Lift
  • Brake/Accelerator Systems

  • Brakes – Reduced Effort
  • Brake System – Emergency Backup
  • Parking Brake – Push/Pull Control
  • Parking Brake – Electric2
  • Parking Brake – Extension Lever
  • Hand Controls
  • Pedal Extenders2
  • Servo-Assisted Hand Controls
  • Left-Foot Accelerator
  • Driver Position

  • Driving Consoles for Relocation of Secondary Controls
  • Elbow Switches
  • Gear Selector Lever for Left Hand
  • Power Channels/Power Pan
  • Turn Signal Lever for Right Hand
  • Wheelchair Tie-Down and/or Lockdown System
  • Seats

  • Vinyl Seat Cover4 (Front Seating Area Only)
  • Turn-Out Swivel Seat5
  • Extended Travel Transfer Seat5
  • Safety Belt Extenders
  • Steering System

  • Adaptive Steering Devices
  • Steering Controls
  • Foot-Control Steering
  • Horizontal Steering
  • Steering Column Extension
  • Steering System – Emergency Backup
  • Steering System – Reduced and Zero Effort
  • Other Vehicle Modifications

  • OnStar TTY Equipment. Learn More.
  • Inverter Installation2
  • Lowered Floor
  • Quad Key Holder/Turner
  • Raised Roof/Door (when used with a lift)
  • Remote Opener for Liftgate2,3 ($500 maximum)
  • Wheelchair/Scooter Carrier6
  • Wheelchair/Scooter Hoist

Find A NMEDA Upfitter To Adapt Your Vehicle

You will be responsible for contacting an independent mobility equipment upfitter to have any aftermarket device installed in your vehicle. When selecting a mobility equipment installer, shop around and inquire about their qualifications, capabilities, experience, warranty and service practices. Ask for references and whether they are members of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and are QAP-certified, a nationally recognized accreditation program for mobility equipment installers.*

Obtain Proper Training

The equipment installer and/or driver evaluator should provide training in the proper use and maintenance of the aftermarket mobility equipment and vehicle control system.