Mobility Financial Assistance

Ally Financing

Qualified customers can finance qualified aftermarket mobility equipment with their new Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicle through Ally mobility vehicle financing programs available at local GM dealers/retailers. Ally extended-term financing or the Ally Smart Lease program may be able to make your vehicle purchase even easier.1 Visit or your local GM dealer for more details.

SmartLease Eligibility (new and used vehicles)

  • Eligible adaptive conversions are limited to those that can be removed from the vehicle at lease termination without affecting the original configuration or condition of the vehicle. Examples include wheelchair storage devices and hand-brake devices.
  • If the physical structure of the vehicle must be modified to accommodate the adaptive conversion, the vehicle remains eligible for conventional retail financing but not for SmartLease. Examples include raising or lowering all or part of the floor of a van, altering the size of any of a vehicle's door openings, cutting or reshaping any part of the body or frame of a vehicle to accommodate lifting mechanisms, etc.
  • Qualified adaptive conversions and/or their installation may be capitalized but not residualized.
  • The Addendum must be signed by the customer, stipulating that the equipment will be removed at lease termination/contract end and the vehicle returned to its original condition, subject to normal wear and tear. The addendum states that the customer will bear the costs for removal of adaptive conversions.

SmartLease Addendum

GM Mobility Reimbursement Program (new vehicles)

Financial mobility financing for eligible adaptive equipment is available through the GM Mobility Reimbursement Program. New vehicle purchasers/lessees who install or reinstall eligible adaptive mobility equipment on their new Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicles can receive a combination of financial assistance and the protection and convenience of OnStar®2:

  • Up to $1,0003 reimbursement for eligible adaptive equipment.
  • PLUS two additional years of standard OnStar service on qualified Chevrolet, Buick or GMC vehicles.

Learn more or call a GM Mobility Assistance Center representative.

Department of Veterans Affairs

U.S. military veterans may be eligible for financial assistance through their VA benefits when equipping a vehicle with adaptive equipment. Call 1-800-827-1000 or visit for more information.

Are there any other ways I can offset the cost of purchasing automotive adaptive equipment?

The cost of durable automotive adaptive equipment for use by persons with disabilities may be offset with federal income tax credits and deductions, state sales and use tax deductions, funding through state rehabilitation vocational agencies, and medical insurance providers. Consult with your tax advisor/preparer, appropriate state social service agency and/or insurance provider to see what benefits you might be eligible for. Your savings could be substantial.