Before Shopping for a Mobility Vehicle

A smiling man in a wheel chair poses with his physical therapist.

Before Shopping for a Mobility Vehicle

Contact Your State Driver-Licensing Agency

In most states, a person is required to report a change in their medical status to the state driver-licensing agency. A medical review may be conducted. In many cases, driving privileges may be retained without restrictions. For more information, visit

Contact a Driver Evaluator for an Evaluation

Before selecting a vehicle, people who have limited mobility, as well as those who need a wheelchair accessible vehicle, should consult with a driver evaluator, an aftermarket mobility equipment installer and their GM dealer.

A comprehensive disability driving evaluation will most likely include but is not limited to:

  • A review of your medical and driving history as well as your driver's license status.
  • Your general knowledge, including an on-road performance evaluation in an appropriately modified vehicle.

Contact A NMEDA Mobility Expert

You will be responsible for contacting an independent mobility equipment upfitter to have any aftermarket device installed in your vehicle. When selecting a mobility equipment installer, shop around and inquire about their qualifications, capabilities, experience, warranty and service practices. Ask for references and whether they are members of the National Mobility Equipment Dealers Association (NMEDA) and are QAP-certified, a nationally recognized accreditation program for mobility equipment installers.*

For more helpful information, visit Mobility Resources.